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 Looking to buy an umbrella, MH Gifts offer a range of mens and womens luxury umbrellas with Animal Themes 
Enjoy owning a luxury umbrella buying from MH Gifts, umbrellas are excellent for keeping
you dry when it pours down with rain, shields you from the wind and umbrellas keep the sun off you 
providing shade. Our range of Animal Umbrellas include cow umbrella, Chicken Umbrella, Horse umbrella and Piglet Umbrella 

      Puzzle eraser range from Iwako Japan at 

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MH Gifts  Umbrellas with an animal theme, we also offer for sale genuine IWAKO Japanese puzzle erasers in various animal shapes, Start your IWAKO collection Today with MH Gifts an authorised IWAKO distributor.

Looking to purchase an animal theme  umbrella, MH Gifts offer a range of women's and mens luxury umbrellas, We also stock animal theme party napkins, ie Robin napkins, Squirrel Napkins, Pheasant Napkins.

we have umbrellas by fallen fruits in stock ready for dispatch today, dog umbrellas, cat umbrellas, wildlife umbrellas. 

Just arrived new for 2018, we have a range of Hanging Teapot Bird Feeder ceramic teapots.


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